Want a well-functioning, effective governing body?

Board Academy Programme

Well-functioning governing bodies (board of directors, board of trustees, management board, supervisory board) make for more effective non-profit organisations. By mobilising their expertise, resources, corporate and private relationships, members of governing bodies can make a very significant positive difference to the life of a non-profit organisation or social enterprise.

Therefore, it is particularly important that the organisation has a professionally “composed” and managed governing body (or bodies) and that it continuously improves its functioning.

Our programme not only develops those who serve on the governing, supervisory or supporting bodies, but also strengthens the relationship between the body and the organisation. We will review areas ranging from ideal board structure to strategic planning to ensure that the board and the nonprofit work together effectively to achieve greater impact.

In an NGO, board members are driven by passion for the cause. However well-prepared board members may be, the first meeting is the first time they are confronted with the real challenges of being a board member. While it is the responsibility of new board members/trustees to act in accordance with the mission of the nonprofit, it is the responsibility of the organization to develop processes that will assist board members in this work.

The aim of the programme

The aim of the programme is to give you a full understanding of how the governing body works well, to recognise the role of the organisation in achieving this and, not least, to find the best new board members.

The programme is for you if you

Structure of the programme

Application period

2022. 03. 23. - 2022. 04. 14.

To apply, you will be asked to provide basic information. Applying does not automatically qualify you for the programme, the professional staff will select the organisations participating in the process.

Selection of participants

2022. 04. 14. - 2022. 04. 16.

From the applications submitted, the organisers will select and notify the participants of the programme, which will start in April.

The trainings are held in Budapest with a personal presence. Information about the location will be sent later.

  • 2022. 04. 21. - 14:00-17:30 - Basic concepts, The relationship between sound organisational governance and (operational) management
  • 2022. 05. 05. - 14:00-17:30 - Selection - incubation - deployment
  • 2022. 05. 19. - 14:00-17:30 - Efficient operation
  • 2022. 06. 02. - 14:00-17:30 - Planning your own steps, what changes you would like to see, what is the ideal new board member for you (personas)
  • Accompaniment

    In the second half of the Board Academy programme, we will help you find new board members based on the profiles you have developed during the training, with Egon Zehnder International, one of the world's leading board consulting and executive search companies.

    We will be able to recruit a governing body member or members for 2 or 3 of the organisations participating in the training during the pilot.

    During the escort

  • we refine the profiles we create
  • identify potential board members and their corporate partners
  • train potential board candidates in the specialities of working with non-profit organisations
  • connecting non-profit organisations with potential board candidates
  • help with the onboarding process
  • 3 months later, we will measure back the effectiveness of the cooperation between the non-profit organisation and the new board member
  • Why should you apply?

    Professional development

    Through the development process, you will acquire the knowledge and good practices needed for effective functioning of governing bodies through experiential learning. We will recruit board members for 2-3 of the organisations involved in the process and help them incubate.

    New options

    At the end of the programme, the presence and integration of new senior board members from the business sector can bring new professional and business contacts as well as efficient operations. Even if for whatever reason you fail to recruit new members, you will have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience about the effective functioning of governing bodies, about the balanced, healthy and efficient relationship between the board and the operational functioning of the organisation.

    Application conditions, information about participation

    The programme lasts 2+4 months.

    Operational social purpose organisations can participate in the programme, but no prior qualifications are required.

    The programme consists of four suitable offline workshops and individual mentoring sessions.

    The workshops are 2 x 1.5 hours each, with approx. 2-3 hours should be devoted to individual work.

    The teams qualifying for the individual mentoring phase are approximately. spend 1 hour with their mentors every two weeks and are assigned 2-3 hours of work between mentoring sessions.

    In total, the first two months of participating teams will spend around. 20 hours of your time, and the following 4 months will take about. an additional 30 hours of capacity

    The programme will be mainly offline, but may also have an online element, depending on the epidemic situation and the geographical location of the participants.

    The participation fee for the training is 30.000 HUF + VAT.

    The organisers of the Board Academy programme

    For more than 25 years, Ashoka Hungary has been working to build a solid network of Hungary’s leading social innovators. To date, more than 35 Ashoka members have been selected, all of whom are creating systemic change in areas such as health, the cilvil sector, the economy, the environment, education and human rights. We are creating an ecosystem for Ashoka members to thrive; an environment where the work of change agents is more transparent within a secure legal framework, and which supports their plans and ideas for social change – their vocation – with know-how, strategic partnerships, coaching, financial tools.

    Scale Impact connects impact organisations that are willing and able to grow with companies that are keen to support good causes. Partly from these corporate grants, the NGO or social enterprise is involved in a development process, at the end of which it becomes more resilient and has a clear picture of how it can multiply its impact (i.e. positive impact). Our mission is to support the amplification of the social and environmental impact that impact organisations are making. We believe in systemic change, which can be achieved through the cooperation of all participants.

    EGON Zehnder has been present in Budapest since 1992. The main profile of the company is management consulting, organisational change and culture consulting, senior management selection, management performance assessment and development. The Budapest office is staffed by three consultants and three researchers, plus six other staff. Within Egon Zehnder’s global network, the team in Budapest also provides consultancy services in Hungary and the surrounding countries. They have 525 consultants worldwide, working in 37 countries and partnering with leaders of the world’s largest companies to help them achieve professional and personal success.

    If you have further questions about the programme, please contact us!