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Can your non-profit be developed?

We know that as a non-profit you have done excellent and hard work to improve social inequalities.

  • Nevertheless: are you having difficulties getting corporate support?
  • Do you have to keep chasing the money? Do your messages reach few people?
  • Do you ever enter a competition that you would otherwise have no interest in, because “that’s where the money is”?
  • Do you know where the weaknesses of the organisation are?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, you will benefit from Scale Impact
Scale Impact’s development questionnaire for non-profit organisations
for Scale Impact.

We’ll answer you too!

The main purpose of the questionnaire is to assess the development of your organisation: it will certainly reveal the causes of your difficulties.

Everyone who completes this short (40 minutes) questionnaire will receive a written evaluation as a response!

It is a mirror that shows the direction of action, the areas to be improved in order to make the organisation more effective and professional. It will also show whether the organisation is ready to engage in a longer-term development programme, which has already been
companies can support.

The first step is to fill in a questionnaire

Fill in the questionnaire if your organisation:

The questionnaire will tell us where you are, where you are stuck, where you need to improve! The questionnaire takes about 40 minutes to complete.

After completing the questionnaire:

What does the development of Scale Impact offer your organisation?

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They said about us

“We now have an organisational strategy, an annual financial plan, a controlling system, we know how we measure our social impact, and we communicate in an organised and conscious way. These have helped us to quintuple our turnover and quintuple our impact in 5 years, thanks to the Scale Impact team.”

Gábor Sáhy
Cseriti Donation shop

“With Scale Impact, we can meet potential donors and grow our network of contacts. We can build relationships with people who can make our programmes sustainable in the long term. This is a very attractive part of the programme.”

Dalma Dóra
Invisible School/Rosa Parks Foundation

“Scale Impact is not just looking for supporters to support good causes, it is building bridges and engaging actors from different sectors to achieve mutual success. It always strives for a win-win, just like we do. For us, Scale Impact’s support is an opportunity to level up, as we can be part of a very complex and structured development process, which is inspiring for the whole team.”

Tamás Horn
Donation taxi

The main purpose of the Scale Impact questionnaire is to assess the development of your organisation. Even if you are unable to participate in the development programme, you will receive written feedback from us. It is a mirror that shows the direction of action, the areas for improvement, so that the organisation can operate more efficiently and professionally.

The feedback covers the following areas:

  • the existence of a strategy and impact measurement;
  • financial and other legal compliance,
  • leadership skills,
  • transparency,
  • partnerships,
  • environmental aspects.

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How has the feedback helped so far?

In the past, similar feedback has been given in a short workshop, participants said:

"We have not been given ready-made prescriptions in the hope of a sudden and miraculous cure, but a new approach, criteria and guidelines that we must develop and apply ourselves, according to the specificities of our organism."

"For real organisational change, more workshops and reflection with the Presidency will be needed. Something has already started, I hope we can do some meaningful impact measurement and strategic planning. I look forward to meeting you again in some form and learning from you."

"I was very impressed by the systematic and multifaceted approach we used to assess organisational resilience and identify areas for improvement."

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Are you busy?

Please enter your details so that if you can’t spare the time to fill in the questionnaire now, we can contact you and help you!

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