New research by Scale Impact and the Hungarian Public Relations Association

Do SMEs know how to do real good?

To what extent is corporate social responsibility embedded in corporate culture, and how deeply is it linked to companies' strategies?

Can domestic SMEs really do good for the world?

At the end of 2022, Scale Impact and the Hungarian Public Relations Association presented their first research on CSR to find out the attitudes of domestic companies towards CSR, to map the factors motivating CSR activities and the role of non-profits in this.

As the respondents were mainly from large companies, we are launching a new survey on the social responsibility of the domestic SME sector.We have prepared a questionnaire forthis purpose , which we would like your help in filling in.

Our first research report was a great success, presented at the most prestigious marketing event, Brandfestival, and received significant press coverage.

Summarising the results of this research, based on the answers to the last question, the most exciting companies presenting responsibility activities and actions will be highlighted in the report, with their names.

The results will be presented at a public press event in spring 2023, where many of these companies will have the opportunity to talk about their CSR activities.

If finding a strategic partner among non-profit organisations for your CSR activities is important for your company, contact us:

Download the report of the Autumn 2022 CSR survey.
The report answers:

  • What areas are supported by companies and how?
  • How much do you spend on social responsibility?
  • Why is it better to develop a non-profit organisation than to donate to multiple causes?
  • Is the social and environmental impact of CSR measured?
  • Is there real action or just communication among domestic companies?
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