Our goal is that cooperation between companies and impact organisations should help measurably societal and natural issues. So their CSR activity would be effective with the increase of both of their brand and employer brand values in a short period of time.

The lack of motivating projects and the low impact of third party financed developments is a common problem for organisation developers. In many occasions redundant developments are ongoing, where developers do not have a real impact. It is hard to improve professionally without real feedback, feeling of success or any benchmark. Cooperations are usually problematic. Developers common experience that the complex, extended knowledge across sectors and industries is missing.

The origin of the problems above that

we would like to earn that impact organizational developers participate in long-term developments, and while they also continuously increasing their expertise can contribute with a valuable collaboration to solve enviromental and society issues

That is why we recommend joint work to developers and professionals, where we provide them with an adequate amount of well-organized tasks, income, learning and development opportunities and a sense of success.

how do we work?

Scale Impact builds an extended developer community with experts We give them tasks in sponsored developments, we continuously improve the development methodology, for which we also provide project management capacity and tools. It is really important for us to do administration appropriately, to add quality insurance next to it and give feedback regulary to our developers.

Our plans include to form a “train a trainer” project, a level survey, upgrading templates, provision of administrative tools,in addition have pro bono volunteers in communities and have common projects with companies are also on our list .

Join to us as a pro bono expert!

if you have ever offered pro bono work , you could experience that it is especially hard to join for a project which fits to your competency and schedule So if the pro bono project is unsuccessful and ineffiecient and the reached positive effect (impact) can not be measurable the sense of achievment will be missing. The volunteers will be dissatisfied of course and do not benefit of the projects outcomes in any form

the causes of above problems can be the few pro bono opportunity, the poorly defined impact organizational challenges, client-side project management, also the lack of follow up can be sorted here.

Our aim is that the corporate developer’s knowledge contributes to society and enviromnetal impact as a pro bono work.

Thats why we offer to professionals to attend projects which are fits for their needs and expertise, participate in projects are successful and providing a sense of success within the framework of Scale Impact development programs.