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The majority of domestic non-profit organisations operate with little funding and low impact. The way out is through long-term development: the two-year Scale Impact development process prepares them to partner with companies.

Are you working for the right cause, but not enough capacity, knowledge or money in your organisation to achieve maximum results?

Want to improve but don’t have time to learn? Do you ever find that, due to a lack of funds, you have to apply for a grant that only partially helps you achieve your mission? Do you feel you have to compete for funding? Are your messages reaching too few people? Do you feel that you should be performing like a company, but you don’t have the expertise?

If so, Scale Impact is for you!

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The questionnaire will tell us where you are, where you are stuck, where you need to improve: click here for the questionnaire!

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If we find the right corporate partners for you, you can take part in our development programme that will get you up and running. In the programme, you will work alongside experienced and respected experts from companies and a mentor will help you solve your daily challenges.

What can you count on us for?

Most domestic impact organisations operate with little support and low impact.

Tools for efficiency are missing from the toolbox of most domestic non-profit organisations. Because of this, many do not make enough partners and income, find it difficult to comply with the law, and are not resilient in difficult times.

The way out of this situation is long-term development, but they lack the resources to do so.

However, Scale Impact’s two-year development process will prepare them to partner with companies in the long term.

Success stories

Gábor Sáhy

Cseriti Donation shop

Today we have an organisational strategy, an annual financial plan, a controlling system, we know how we measure our social impact, and we communicate in an organised and conscious way. They have helped us quintuple our turnover and increase our impact tenfold in 5 years, thanks to the Scale Impact team.

Ildikó Paskó

Romaversitas Foundation

We worked with Scale Impact (then Civil Support) on various projects. They helped us to identify our tax and accounting risks, and we worked together to renew our organisational strategy and to develop our logic model and the impact measurement system embedded in the strategy.

Éva Deák

Partners Hungary Foundation

The Foundation planned to integrate a new activity, the Step by Step programme, into its other activities. So, over the course of a nearly year-long collaboration, the Scale Impact team (then Civil Support) helped us redesign our organisational strategy, develop our impact chain and the basis for our impact measurement, and review our communication processes.


Some modules of the Scale Impact long-term development process are also available as stand-alone programmes. These include Social Business, Board Academy and Impact Academy.

Previous programmes:

CSR Roadshow with the Dutch Embassy

2 years, 6 cities, 6 municipalities, 300 NGOs, 120 companies: presentations on CSR, partnership building

Matchmaking Dinner with the Dutch Embassy

5 companies 5 NGOs – 24 cooperation opportunities

5 companies, 10 NGOs: 4 months intensive training – development of corporate partnership projects, pitch event preparation, pitching

Magnet Civil Reggelik

6 breakfasts, 200+ participants

Magnet Civic Academy

6 full-day training sessions for 25 organisations

First NGO Academy

HR, Social impact measurement, fundraising


6 breakfasts, 200+ participants


Akku Association: film screenings with audio narration

Impact Accelerator

development programme and investor involvement for social enterprises

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