Who are we?

We are pooling knowledge and resources, building partnerships between sectors to maximise impact.

Scale Impact offers and builds partnerships between domestic social impact organisations, companies and professionals to increase social impact.

At Scale Impact, we believe in systemic change, achieved through the collaboration of all participants. Our development methodology is based on many years of work with NGOs and organisational developers.

The founders

Gábor Lévai

After 15 years in the banking sector in product and business development, he has worked with hundreds of NGOs, social enterprises and companies over the past 10 years as founder and consultant of Civil Support. Its main areas of expertise are business development, corporate-nonprofit partnership development, social impact measurement and social impact investing.

“I started Scale Impact because I want to create a systemic solution to maximise the social impact of corporate resources through the development of and collaboration with social purpose organisations.”

András Harsányi

After 13 years in real estate development at Euro Real Estate, formerly Plaza Centers, he realised that the profession had no positive social impact. He has been working with NGOs and social enterprises for 5 years. He has been teaching financial management to non-profit organisations for many years and has mentored a number of organisations in the field of finance and business development.

“I believe in Scale Impact because it offers a solution to enable impact organisations to evolve and multiply their impact. Scale Impact helps them acquire the knowledge they need to operate professionally and develop relationships with corporate partners.”


Péter Csillag

His global startup, Starschema, was acquired in January for HUF 13 billion, and since then he has been working as a business angel and president of HUNBAN, the Hungarian Association of Business Angels.

“Scale Impact promises to find projects that it can develop in a way that makes good use of the funding. At the beginning, I’m not funding the cause but the development of the organisation, but I’ll continue to give next year because by then the organisation will be using the funds more effectively.”

András Fülöp

The Hungarian CEO of the consulting firm Deloitte stepped down in 2021.
“Gábor and András (with the help of many other experts) have developed a development methodology that will enable us to equip leaders of impact organisations and the organisations themselves with best practice in two years. In this way we can provide them with longer-term operations and growth: a kind of mini-MBA.”

Zoltán Györkő

As co-founder and CEO of Balabit, we built an internationally recognised software company that was acquired by a strategic investor in the US. I currently work as an angel investor and executive coach, and I also help non-profit projects. I am a member of the Board of Trustees of Startup Hungary and the Rosa Parks Foundation.

“In Scale Impact, I want the nonprofit sector to be able to implement as much as possible of the international startup culture and operating methodologies, ensuring that more prepared and resilient organisations can find corporate strategic partners and donors much more easily. “

Péter Kalmár

Organisational Development Consultant, Lead Trainer, Founding Member and Managing Director of Manmore Consulting and Flow Group. She has been working in organisational development for 10 years and has been training for 15 years. For four years he was President of the Hungarian Association of Organisational Developers.

“The Scale Impact team takes the cause of supporting those who are trying to create good things in the world seriously, approaches it professionally, and does it with heart and perseverance. I would add, innovatively too, because experimentation is important.”


Eszter Faragó-Kovách

Sociologist and social policy expert, since 2014 she has been working in the development of the non-profit sector as a consultant, project manager and professional manager, social entrepreneur, and spent 3 years in the Ministry of National Economy. In addition to her work, she has been a lecturer at the Master’s Degree in Community and Civic Studies and the Master’s Degree in Human Ecology at Eötvös Lóránd University for 10 years. His main areas of expertise are social impact measurement, non-profit organisation development and social enterprise development.

“I find it particularly inspiring to be involved in Scale Impact because I believe that social purpose organisations can make a real social impact if they operate sustainably over the long term. Scale Impact develops organisations in a complex way that is exemplary.”

Organisational development partners

Gábor Héra

strategic operations, impact measurement

Ambrus Kiry Noémi

strategic operations, organisational culture, management, financial stability, board management

Beatrix Bedő

financial stability

Antal Károlyi

financial stability, business planning

Gusztáv Vágvölgyi

strategic operations, organisational culture, management

Éva Szép

strategic operations, organisational culture, management

Gábor Lajos Nagy

strategic operations, financial stability

Csaba Bakó

strategic operations, financial stability, impact measurement

Liza Baranyai

strategic operations, financial stability, management

Judit Farnady

strategic operations, organisational culture, management

Luca Jakab

brand, marketing, communication

Zsolt Pethe

strategic operations, financial stability, impact measurement, embeddedness

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our story

Founding Civil Support


Impact Accelerator programme launched


Scale Impact testing starts

2021. August

the first development process starts

2022. April

the first corporate partner to join a development process

2022 October

the launch of Civiljob and the Civil News Agency


Launch of Impact Academy

2021. May

Scale Impact receives investment

2022. January

a leader joins our team of experts

2022. May

new non-profit organisations are being developed with the help of corporate sponsors