New Scale Impact research in professional partnership with WHC Group

Are firms already taking advantage of it in HR the opportunities offered by CSR?

To what extent is corporate social responsibility embedded in corporate culture, and how deeply is it linked to companies' HR strategies?

Can domestic companies integrate CSR and HR?

Based on good international examples, HR and CSR can support and reinforce each other’s activities in many ways. Through cooperation with non-profit organisations, a wide range of activities can be implemented, from developing talented employees and managers to team-building programmes, social responsibility can be achieved through employment, and there are many good examples still to be implemented in Hungary.

No comprehensive analysis of this important and strategic connectivity has yet been conducted, which is why we have launched a new research project in partnership with WHC Group, the leading HR service provider in Central and Eastern Europe.

To summarise the relevant questions of this research, the most exciting companies presenting responsibility activities and actions are highlighted in the report, with their names.

The results will be presented at HR Fest 2023 and HRPWR’s Big Employer Branding Day , where we will also give many of these companies the opportunity to talk about their CSR activities.

Download the report of our HR-CSR survey autumn 2023.
The report answers:

  • How are HR and CSR linked in companies?
  • What are the international and national best practices for CSR activities supporting HR functions?
  • How and with which specific non-profits can we work well together to achieve this?
  • What areas, how do companies support and how much do they spend on CSR?
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