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Impact communication development to increase business sustainability

Do you have international clients? Do you work for large companies? Want to get a bank loan?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you should start preparing now for ESG reporting.

Want to support good causes or impact organisations and make your corporate values and sustainability efforts tangible to your employees and customers, but don’t have a branding and marketing strategy in place?

Don’t despair – the 8 suitable Impact Communication Development is designed for entrepreneurs and decision-makers like you. The 8-week online course, complemented by a personalised consultation, is structured as follows:

  • 1-2 weeks: branding and objectives: clarifying concepts. Define, align and communicate the brand purpose, mission and values. The benefits of impact communication for SMEs. Guidelines and regulations.
  • 3-4 weeks: differentiation and brand positioning: positioning in the impact sector. Competitive analysis and definition of USPs. Sustainable, ethical and inclusive strategies. Linking business and environmental sustainability.
  • Weeks 5-6: Brand Identity and Storytelling: developing a brand identity in line with the positive impact and values of the brand. Visual elements, sustainable and inclusive design practices. Effective storytelling techniques.
  • 7-8 weeks: brand experience and partnerships: improving the brand experience online and offline. Planning collaborations and partnerships. The role of influenza and ambassadors.

Impact Communication Development helps companies to clearly articulate and effectively communicate their beyond profit goals. This encourages their employees and customers to stay engaged with the company, and contributes to creating a world where success is not just about profit growth, but also about positive social and environmental impact.

You can apply for Impact Communication development by:

Fill in the questionnaires below to help us assess where your company’s impact communication currently stands. What does this mean? We will look at how CSR or sustainability is present in your brand and how effectively you can tell stories about CSR or ESG activities. After completing the questionnaires, you will receive feedback and recommendations on how to improve your company.

Why is an impact brand and marketing strategy important for SMEs?

Brand Audit:

Use the questionnaire below to find out how your company’s values, CSR activities and non-profit or impact partnerships in your company’s brand. Your answers will help us map how can be found at more efficiently and inspiring incorporate positive environmental or social impact into your brand.

Marketing Audit:

With this questionnaire, we are looking at what marketing strategies and campaigns help or could help to promote corporate values, social corporate social responsibility and impact, or non-profit partnerships to communicate effectively. Based on your answers, we will explore how we can jointly improve the existing communicationand what new ways we can add to your positive impact.

The development process:

If you already know which areas you want to improve – for example: avoiding greenwashing, communicating fundraising partnerships, working with influencers promoting conscious living, increasing employee or consumer loyalty – you can sign up for the 8-week online course, which will be complemented by a personalised consultation.

Price: 8 hours of online course and 4×1 hour of face-to-face consultation: 990 EUR + VAT

The first 5 applicants will receive a 10% early bird discount on the price.

How do the questionnaires work?

Some information on how to fill in the questionnaire:

We are working with communication expert Luca Jakab on the design and evaluation of the questionnaires. Once completed, we will carefully analyse the completed questionnaires and make recommendations tailored specifically to your company.

Find out how you can benefit from communicating your impact/CSR/ESG or non-profit activities at the branding or marketing level. Personalised strategies, better communication and increased impact await you!

We give you a story that highlights

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