Pro bono translator wanted

To the mark „the cobbler’s shoes”

We are looking for someone who simply loves translating from Hungarian to English, so much so that even in his spare time, he would be happy to translate the website of a non-profit organization pro bono. For example ours ūüôā

In return, we do not promise a T-shirt, a badge, or that you will make the lives of 1,000 dogs better, but you can be sure that you will support the long-term development of dozens of non-profit organizations with your work, and if we are mutually happy at the end of the work, also in those projects We will work with you where we have the resources to pay the market price.

If you would like to help us, write a short message to and let’s agree when and how much time you have for this task.

Picture of Lévai Gábor

Lévai Gábor