Apply for the Scale Impact development programme!

Our two-year complex development programme brings together non-profit organisations that create real community value with CSR-conscious companies.

With the recession looming, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain and fund nonprofits with real social impact and influence within the usual funding frameworks – such as traditional partnerships, donations, micro-donations.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this unfortunate situation: support from companies with significant financial resources that take social responsibility seriously and are able to help you not only maintain but also develop your organisation, which is doing serious socially useful work, despite the difficult circumstances.

Scale Impact was created to connect socially useful organisations with companies that would like to support their activities. In our ten years of operation, we have worked with nearly a thousand non-profit organisations, social enterprises and dozens of companies, mobilising more than HUF 300 million in development funds. Our partners include, among others, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Igazgyöngy Foundation, the Roma Persitas Foundation, the Budapest Bike Maffia (BBM), the Partners Hungary Foundation, Adománytaxi and Cseriti.

Briefly about the development programme

Our two-year complex programme is designed to help you make specific, tailor-made improvements that will make your organisation crisis-proof and attractive to businesses. You will be supported by experienced, well-trained professionals and a mentor:

  • to set precise, well-defined and achievable goals
  • assess exactly where you are and in what direction, with what methods and tools you can improve
  • build stable, secure business relationships
  • develop useful and widely used products and services
  • communicate effectively and with high impact about what you do and how you do it
  • and to make sure you can raise the necessary funds

    You should apply too!

    You should apply too, thanks to the development programme:

    • have access to stable, stable and successful sources of finance
    • become attractive to corporate sponsors
    • enable you to help more and more people
    • instead of “unnecessary circles”, get on with the real work, the real goals

    The programme is open to non-profit organisations and social enterprises. Working together:

    • We will match you with a corporate partner that feels your activity is important and is therefore willing to support it financially.
    • We will develop a tailor-made two-year development programme for you.
    • You’ll be supported by experienced professionals in all areas (impact measurement, corporate relations, service and product development, resource generation, communication, etc.) that will make you attractive to companies.
    • Scale Impact supports your work with an extensive network of contacts and a dedicated mentor.

    Don’t let the crisis stop you from helping more and more people!

    Apply for the Scale Impact development programme! You can find detailed information about the programme here.

    The application form can be downloaded here

    Application deadline: 2023. 28 February.

    Once you have completed the application form, we will be sure to provide you with feedback on areas where the organisation could be improved. Those we find suitable for our development programme will be invited for individual interviews.

    Picture of Lévai Gábor

    Lévai Gábor