Green for Development – Humusz Alliance / ENCO Group / Scale Impact Synergies

Cooperation agreement signed between Enco Europe Kft. and Scale Impact for the long-term development of the Humus Alliance

With its Scale Impact development programme, Scale Impact offers and builds partnerships between domestic social impact organisations, companies and professionals to increase social impact. This time, we are pleased to report on a current milestone where green values can be further strengthened in the future.

Humusz Alliance
Originally founded in 1995 by five Hungarian environmental organisations Humus Association (formerly known as the Waste Working Alliance) aims to show low-waste, environmentally conscious solutions and lifestyle patterns that are doable for everyone, that don’t require crazy investment, just the right mindset: small tricks, everyday ideas for young and old, lots of resources for educators, comprehensive, realistic suggestions for decision-makers. They collect and share good practices on waste prevention, i.e. environmentally responsible consumption and production.

ENCO Europe Energy Consulting Ltd.
Almost 10 years ago, ENCO Europe Ltd. is a predecessor of the B2B company, to offer high quality and value-added energy solutions to its customers in the energy market, with a maximum focus on the energy needs of its B2B customers. In 2020, the company became a group to provide even more complex solutions to its customers. Their aim is to help their partners to significantly reduce their energy costs and to make more people aware of the potential of energy efficient and green technologies.

The vision of the participants

Csilla Urbán, President of the Humus Association, Gusztáv Czöndör, President of ENCO Europe Kft. and András Harsányi, one of the founders of Scale Impact and mentor of the development process:

“We have decided to support such a development process because it is important for us that the operation, processes and expectations of civil society organisations find a common voice with the competitive market players. Legal, financial and communication tasks should be able to work in a compatible way. In many cases, I find that even when synergies between principles and objectives are available in contractual terms, the competitive process or the ‘flexibility’ of NGOs is difficult or impossible to fit into traditional cooperation frameworks. If this can be changed and the linkages strengthened, it is a win-win situation.” said Gusztáv Czöndör, Managing Director of the consultancy.

“Working with Scale Impact and Humus is the first step in ENCO’s CSR strategy. I hope that we can learn a lot from this cooperation, both on the professional and human side. I expect my colleagues to see the day-to-day tasks and to get a different perspective from the world they are used to. This way we can grow together and live our lives at a higher level. This is how we can be useful members of our society.

And what would we be satisfied with? In everyday life, we expect positive thoughts, peaceful cooperation, lots of fun, dreams and visions for the future. In two years’ time, I would be satisfied with as close as possible to the achievement of the goals I have just listed.” confirmed Gustave

We also asked Csilla Urbán, the head of the Humusz Alliance:

  • “Why did you embark on a two-year development programme for Scale Impact?

We are an organisation with a long history, but we are essentially a small organisation with many tasks and responsibilities. It is therefore often difficult to deal with long-term processes, everyday tasks take up energy, but it is also obviously difficult to develop at an organisational level, to work along long-term, well-developed strategies. Not to mention the fact that we are basically trained in environment and nature conservation, but we also have to deal with finance, communication, organisation management, etc. so we not only face a lack of capacity, but in many cases also a lack of knowledge and experience. It is therefore important that we develop not only in environmental professional issues, but also in other areas, which will help us to do our professional work more effectively.

  • What do you expect from these two years? When would you be satisfied in two years?

Based on preliminary discussions, impact measurement has been a big gap for us, so we are looking forward to learning more about it. I believe that just dedicating time and energy to organisational development will make a difference to the life of the organisation, but I am sure that with the help of external experts we will not only gain new knowledge and methods, but also new perspectives, which we also need. By the end of the two years, we hope to be more organised and professional in the way we carry out our executive tasks, and this will be reflected not only in the way the organisation works, but also externally.

  • What do you expect from working with ENCO?

We are very grateful that there are dedicated companies willing to support the work of NGOs. There is always a lot to learn from corporate partnerships, not only professionally but also in other areas, as the organisational culture is completely different. We hope that by working together we will be able to learn from each other and even implement joint projects.”

András András Harsányi, mentor of the development process and one of the founders of Scale Impact, said:

We selected the Humusz Alliance as a non-profit organisation to be developed because during the selection process we identified areas where Humus is not currently operating at its best. We are confident that Scale Impact’s development programme can support them to move forward in these areas, with greater knowledge and efficiency..
We will be satisfied in 2 years’ time if, with our contribution, Humusz can multiply its social and environmental impact. They will be able to achieve this by defining their strategy and activities on the basis of a well thought-out chain of effects. We hope that our programme will help them to improve their resource structure and have more corporate partners, which will help them to increase the capacity available to them.”

Picture of Lévai Gábor

Lévai Gábor