Content collaboration between Scale Impact and B Lab Europe

The first Hungarian B Corp also aims to help domestic companies striving for positive social and environmental impacts with exciting and meaningful articles, analyses and case studies. The company has also partnered with Danone Hungary, which was awarded the international B Corp certification in January.

The Scale Impact Nonprofit Ltd. will collaborate with B Lab Europe on content, and will publish Hungarian-language content about the B Corp movement, which brings together companies working for positive social and environmental change.

We are proud that – as the first Hungarian B Corp certified company – we will promote the movement in Hungary – said Gábor Lévai, co-founder of the social enterprise. – We are confident that many companies and market players like us will recognise that those who are actively working for a sustainable future are also building their own business future.”

B Corp companies are developing and communicating their activities based on the triple bottom line (social impact, environmental impact and corporate governance) B Impact survey Future-proof companies that understand that sustainability, environmental and social responsibility can also benefit their business: by investing in the development of liveable, socially equalising, modern economics, sociology and technology, they are building their own prosperity.

When a company takes action to alleviate poverty, it gains customers, consumers and clients. By improving the quality and accessibility of education, a company can contribute to the development of potential professionals who can further strengthen its market potential and value through their work and skills when they leave school. If a company is aware that it needs to manage finite natural resources well to create its products and services, it will not waste them” – stressed Gábor Lévai, Head of Scale Impact.
This is the philosophy of B Corps – they know that they can only operate resiliently, predictably and profitably in the long term if they take into account the interests and expectations of their key stakeholders – their customers, employees and investors – when designing their market strategy.

More than 200,000 companies for a sustainable future

The B Corporation rating system was registered in 2006. In the last eighteen years, more than 200,000 companies worldwide have joined the initiative – companies that have gone beyond the classic understanding of corporate responsibility, understanding that their success must be measured and understood not only in terms of profit alone, but also in terms of the social benefits of their operations and the preservation of environmental values and biodiversity.

These companies use the B Impact Assessment tool to measure their own social and environmental performance, and more than 8,000 of them have been successfully audited and achieved B Corp certification. B Corp brands include well-known brands such as Alpro, Bonduelle, also active in Hungary, Campers the spanish footwear brand, Fairphone the Dutch handset manufacturer, Illy Cafe in Trieste, founded by Hungarian Ferenc Illy, Kickstarter, the world’s largest creative project funding site Kickstarter, Moodle, the e-learning platform, Nestle Health Science, a Patagonia clothing brand, Triodos Bank founded in the Netherlands , the Unilever Australia, or the most popular file transfer platform, the WeTransfer.

The formula is simple: when you run out of customers, there is no one to sell your products and services to. When you run out of raw materials, you have no money to produce them. If we don’t have enough fuel, we can’t produce, we can’t get the goods we produce to consumers. It is in the common interest of the market and society to create a predictable, sustainable and smartly managed system that allows us to prevent these problems.” underlined Lévai.

The expert stressed that the success of a company is not only determined by its ability to generate profits – but also by using its own capital and expertise to create an environment that allows it to operate stably and profitably in the longer term.

Hello sustainable future!

The B Corp movement has also gained a foothold in Central Europe in recent years. In Hungary, the “first swallow” was Scale Impact, which was the first company to be awarded the socially and environmentally conscious company certification in 2017, for its work in developing high social impact organisations and promoting dialogue and cooperation between non-profit organisations and companies and professionals.

From March this year, the company will launch a content service, in partnership with several large companies, to help non-profit organisations to grow, move forward and achieve their improvement goals, and to help companies that value socio-environmental sustainability to modernise their operations through a well-thought-out, multi-factor responsibility strategy.

Scale Impact has entered into a cooperation agreement with B Lab, which will distribute the organisation’s analyses, training materials and case studies involving tens of thousands of partners as a professional partner. Together, we aim to create a more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future.

Picture of Lévai Gábor

Lévai Gábor