Two-year partnership with Biotech USA to develop the Nevetnikék Foundation

Biotech USA and Scale Impact signed a cooperation agreement for long-term capacity building of the Nevetnikék Foundation

Scale Impact develops long-term, strategic partnerships between companies and non-profit organisations, whereby the capacity development of the non-profit organisation is based on the expertise of business professionals, and an important element of the programmes is the identification and implementation of one or more joint project opportunities.

Scale Impact and the Hungarian PR Association in 2022 joint research on the extent to which corporate social responsibility is embedded in corporate culture and how deeply it is linked to companies’ strategies. We met him as one of the research experts Gergő Dániel Pintér , Head of Corporate Communications, PR and CSR at BioTechUSA. During the interview with him, it became clear that we think alike about the strategic opportunities of corporate responsibility and it is no wonder that this summer they were one of the quickest to decide to cooperate.

On cooperation Bálint Lévai co-owner and CEO of the BioTechUSA group of companies.

Why did you decide to embark on such a complex development process?

As an exclusively Hungarian-owned company, the BioTechUSA Group supports Hungarian NGOs and healthcare institutions to the tune of HUF 100 million annually. Not only do we provide products, cash and rehabilitation, diagnostic and therapeutic tools, but we also provide a platform for those who are less visible, launch education and awareness campaigns and initiate social dialogue with our customers, brand ambassadors and external experts.

We believe it is important to embrace social causes that go beyond one-off donations and not only give back to the community, but have a long-term and far-reaching social impact. A key priority for us is resource security, so we our responsibility strategy As part of our sustainability strategy, we aim to promote as many initiatives as possible where our employees can play an active role, whether it’s providing concrete assistance, developing the skills of our partners or even carrying out a joint activity.

What do you expect from the cooperation with the Nevetnikék Foundation?

In Gloria, we met a very determined, proactive and inspiring person, who, like us, is passionate about promoting the development and integration of children in health care or socially disadvantaged children. I am sure that working together will be exciting and mutually rewarding. During the two-year cooperation, we would like to implement a large-scale CSR project with the active participation of the BioTechUSA group employees and brand ambassadors, providing not only financial but also professional support to the Nevetnikék Foundation Foundation.

“Knowing Scale Impact’s work to date, we can say with certainty that we will deliver an acceleration programme that will deliver relevant and comprehensive improvements for the Nevetnik Foundation.
This will give them a more secure, long-term sustainable foundation operation, which will help them to raise even more funds and bring joy to more sick children’s stays in hospital. And we are proud that we can play an active role in this.

We also asked Gloria Kőműves, the head of the Nevetnikék Foundation:

Why did you decide to get involved in Scale Impact’s two-year development programme?

I was impressed that this is a complex capacity building programme that covers many topics. We’ve been involved in similar projects before, and there are ongoing projects that provide pro bono advice to the Foundation on a specific issue, but we’ve never heard of a collaboration of this length before. I also like the fact that they connect you with other support partners and that training is not the only part of the development.

What do you expect from the collaboration with Biotech USA?

Exiting journey. Although we have just started the project, we have already met a number of easy-going, good-natured and, at the same time, professional people at the company, whose openness and self-criticism are unparalleled in this sector. We are curious to see what other collaborations and projects will be in the future, but we are full of positive expectations after these experiences. We are delighted to have been chosen by such a successful and reputable company. And after getting to know some of the people who work there, the success of this company is no coincidence, we will learn from them.

What do you expect from the two-year development programme, when would you be satisfied if it happened in those two years?

What the programme promises is that we will be able to develop our own foundation by looking at several areas in a comprehensive way. We are confident that two years will be enough time to give us the right impetus and help us achieve the goals that have been our dream for several years. So far, the experience with impact measurement is very good and the colleagues are good. It also makes more and more people committed to the Nevetnikék’s right to exist and to do something.

Picture of Lévai Gábor

Lévai Gábor