Another long-term business-non-profit partnership

Jalsovszky Law Firm and Scale Impact sign a cooperation agreement for the long-term development of the Hintalovon Foundation

A key focus of Scale Impact is the strategic, long-term development of corporate social responsibility and partnerships with nonprofits working on issues that matter to them. Non-profits can also request financial and human resources for their own development in order to achieve a more successful collective social impact, and Scale Impact is also involved in creating and maintaining the necessary partnerships.

Founded in 2016, the mission of the Hintalovon Children’s Rights Foundation is to promote and support the rights of children in Hungary. Their aim is for adult society to take responsibility and action for the balanced development of children as widely as possible. They also raise awareness of children’s rights, so that society takes their interests and concerns into account in all aspects of life. In partnership with Scale Impact, a comprehensive 2-year development programme was formulated in 2022, setting out a plan to develop measurable, systemic solutions.

The Foundation’s plans included finding and engaging a development partner that provides services to children, manufactures products or is involved in their legal activities. The ideal sponsor was found in Jalsovszky Law Office.

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Over the past 17 years, Jalsovszky Law Office has grown to become a leading player in the Budapest legal market.

Scale Impact contacted Jalsovszky Law Officelate last year, which after a quick decision making process indicated that it would be happy to financially support the development of a non-profit organisation and provide pro bono volunteering opportunities for its own staff as part of their working hours with the non-profit.

“At Jalsovsky, in addition to the daily drive, we are also increasingly focused on supporting socially important causes. We are delighted to now be able to provide targeted assistance through professional channels, via Scale Impact, a specialist in the development and support of non-profit organisations.
We have an agreement to work closely with the Hintalovon Children’s Rights Foundation in the coming period. As well as helping them with various legal issues, we will also occasionally be involved in their day-to-day work. The Hintalovon staff have for many years been doing their part to promote and support children’s rights with a niche and incredible dedication that we have always admired. The opportunity to play a part in this, while learning from them in the context of this new collaboration, is a source of great joy and pride for us.” said Pál Jalsovszky, head of the law firm.

Scale Impact presented them with 4 non-profit organisations based on preliminary interviews. Employees also joined the selection process by filling in a questionnaire, the result of which is the joint work with the Hintalovon Children’s Rights Foundation that is now underway.

We also asked Kinga Rohrböck, the head of the foundation:

  • “Why did you decide to get involved in Scale Impact’s two-year development programme?

The Hintalovon Foundation was launched seven years ago in 2016 and our mission hasn’t changed since then. However, in order to continue to grow and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation, it is necessary to define a short- and long-term strategy. The Scale Impact development programme enables us to develop long-term, measurable and systemic solutions that will keep the Foundation sustainable and increase the impact of our activities.

  • What do you expect from working with Jalsovszky Law Office?

We were very pleased to work with Jalsovszky Law Office. Working with law firms who are professionals in their field but have never worked on children’s rights is always very exciting. We will work together with the law firm on child rights drop-in sessions, where we will provide advice with a child rights approach that puts the needs and interests of children at the centre. Working together helps us to take on more cases and make a difference to more children’s lives.

  • What do you expect from the two-year development programme, when would you be satisfied if it happened in those two years?

The development cooperation with Scale Impact was based on our Foundation’s situation assessment, which identified a number of specific areas for improvement, such as impact measurement, strategic planning, organisational management and financial sustainability. In order to achieve effective results with the right focus, we need help and see an optimal solution in this 2-year step-by-step development process supported by a scheduled, expert advice and mentoring. We are still at the beginning of this development process, learning the new methodology, but we are eagerly awaiting the final outcome of the consultation with our Foundation colleagues on the prepared materials for the impact chain and stakeholder map. Through everyday challenges, we are seeing how ensuring financial stability through good fundraising practices, consciously working on a coordinated communication strategy, or even more professional organisational management could help us to focus more on our mission and vocation.”

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