Business advisory board for the True Pearl Foundation

Well-functioning governing bodies (board of directors, board of trustees, management board, supervisory board) make for more effective non-profit organisations. By mobilising their expertise, resources, corporate and private relationships, members of governing bodies can make a very significant positive difference to the life of an organisation.

Therefore, it is particularly important that the organization has a professionally “composed” and managed governing body (or bodies) and that it continuously improves its functioning.

Together with the Ashoka Hungary and Egon Zehnder team, we managed to put together such a 3-person board for the True Pearl Foundation in the Board Academy programme. And the best way to convey success and genuine joy is the Foundation’s own entry, see. down! Thank you for letting us be part of it all!

Group of Experts

The Foundation itself has commemorated this on its Facebook page. Here is what was published there:

“The True Pearl Advisory Board has been formed! In the 23-year history of True Pearl, there have been several occasions when a need has arisen and at almost the same moment we have received an offer that has responded to that need.

This is what happened this spring: we worked with several external facilitators and companies in the field of organisational development, and it became clear to us that we needed a team of experts to help us in our advocacy and strategic planning. That’s when we were approached by Scale Impact representatives to organise a training for foundations and associations associated with Ashoka Hungary members to help them set up an advisory board to support their work. After defining the board’s function, objectives and developing the profiles of the board members, we were put in touch with Egon Zehnder staff, who set about finding candidates with incredible dedication. They also helped to organise, conduct and select the interviews, and thanks to them we were able to find three professionals with many years of experience in the business sector and commitment to the cause of the Pearl.

This week, the members of the True Pearl Advisory Board visited us in Berettyóújfalu, met with Pearl of Truth staff, the heads of the different areas and we also gave them a tour of Toldo. We think that the first session went well, and was an important step in our future work together.

Sarkadi Lívia, Erdei Kata, Kadocsa András, thank you for standing up for us! We look forward to working together!

Thanks to Scale Impact and Egon Zehnder for their support!”

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