Social impact: a value chain approach

How can we achieve social impact while both companies and non-profit organisations are thinking along the same value chain (and value creation)?

In the guest article of Számlá PARK we “expose” the drawbacks of traditional CSR:

  • on the corporate side, real value creation does not necessarily happen when we engage in ad hoc donation projects without a strategy,
  • and as a non-profit, we join the same long queue of companies to get funding from the usual year-end giving budget.

In fact, we need to think in terms of the same value chain on both sides, as we operate in the same social and economic ecosystem, whether as for-profit or civil actors.

We are all affected by structural labour shortages, for example, which we can find common solutions to by working together, but it is also vital on both sides to see the impact of how we run our social engagement programmes. The answer to the latter is (as usual) impact measurement, and for the former you can read Gábor Lévai’s article for illustrative examples:

From the article:

  • What is the not effective social responsibility?
  • What do we propose to replace the outdated solutions we are used to?
  • What does this look like for a traditional manufacturing company or a digital products company?
  • What is the ideal – stakeholder-based – collaboration between non-profit and for-profit organisations?
  • How do we work with non-profit organisations to adopt value chain thinking?
  • Impact measurement: what is in the best interest of both parties involved

Read the full article, and if you want to grow as a non-profit organisation to achieve greater social impact, apply 2022. our autumn nonprofit development application!

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Szeszlér Vera